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Melissa F from Toronto, submitted on Yelp:

“*400th review!*

I always want my hallmark reviews to be a great place. This is one of them.


Because it is unique: Nowhere else in town can you get these tasty little pastries with delicious walnut, red bean or potato filling. I LOVE the red bean, the walnut next and the potato is a distant third. but I love coming in here and getting a mixed batch JUST because the excitement of GUESSING which you will get is much more fun than guaranteeing yourself your favourite flavour : )

Not many people also know that they sell the flat pancake that, if you get- only eat it warm. BEST bought right off the grill because there is a caramel layer in the middle that is FANTASTIC and oozes out (not in a messy uncontrollable- you’ll be sticky all-over kind of way but) in a delicious way.

Best is to buy it on a cold winter day and smush your hands on each side of the pancake while you nibble on it to keep you warm and eat something tasty.

This is probably one of my favourite places to pickup stuff for potlucks, meetings or even grab dessert after a date.

So much fun!
NOT ONLY THAT, but watching them make the cakes / Korean balls are also uber fun.

proTip: If you don’t buy them fresh wait until you get home so you can put them in a toaster oven. They taste best with the fresh crispy outside and the soft warm center. Enjoy!”


Stacie Daponte from Toronto, submitted on Urban Spoon:

“I often grab a box of 30 assorted walnut cakes and bring them to work to share for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Great fresh or the next day (keep them in the fridge!). Friendly service and convenient location! I have yet to try the Korean pancakes but they look and smell delicious!”


Danny Chow from Toronto, submitted on Instagram:

Monica K from North York, submitted on Yelp:

“The owners of this Hodo Kwaja place are such kind people. The ahjusshi knows me by name now, and is always smiley no matter what time of the day I walk in. I like it when places remember my name, it offers a much more personal and appreciative service. This is definitely my favorite place to pick up Hodo Kwajas, I’ve tried other places and nothing in Toronto measures up to this place.

The Hodo Kwajas come with 2 different types of filling (you can chose or mix). There’s one with red bean paste, and another with more golden color filling, I think it might be sweet potato? Get them while they’re fresh out of the machine! They also serve crushed ice with red beans and other stuff… but my favorite thing to get here are the madeleines. I had my first taste when the owner handed me a free one to try during one of my first visits way back in the day, and have been obsessed with them since. Although they’re not much like the traditional madeleines, and are closer to little cakes, they’re still soo yummy. Give me a glass of soy milk and I can eat a whole box in one sitting (probably not something to be proud of though). I brought them into work once and after getting a taste, my coworker went out and bought some of her own, they’re addictive!”


Blogger Reviews

Sotong from Montreal, un voyage gastronomique – July 18th, 2013

“Strolling in Koreatown after a hearty dinner, I stumbled upon Hodo Kwaja – the place a friend once told me about how disappointed she was for not getting to try when she last visited Toronto. As it was quite near closing time, I didn’t manage to catch a live performance of the making of these walnut-shaped goodies.

I got the Hodo Kwaja (aka Korean Walnut Cake) with mashed potato and almond filling (top) and red bean (bottom) filling. Besides being shaped like a walnut, there are actual walnut chunks in the filling. These cakes are not overpoweringly sweet and they’re quite addictive, I would say. They taste best when they’re hot and fresh out of the mold. So, you might want to consider popping them in the microwave for a few seconds before consuming if you kept them in the fridge overnight.” (read entire review)


Manley from Toronto, The Purple Spatula – December 14th, 2010

“I’ve eaten these cakes ever since I could remember. Not because I’m Korean but because my aunt is. Her and my uncle would always bring over these little walnut shaped cakes and all of the kids would scarf them down like they were peanuts. They are literally the size of a walnut and you can easily just pop one (or two) into your mouth.

If you’ve never tried walnut cakes, then you’re missing out. These addictive little things will have you coming back for more and depending on when you go, you might just get them pipping hot or see them get made by that giant machine at the front.” (read entire review)

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