Walnut Cake (Hodo Kwaja)

Walnut Cakes

Walnut Cakes or in Korean known as Hodo Kwaja resemble an actual walnut and either have walnut or almond pieces on the outer shell of the cake. Traditionally Walnut Cakes are made with a sweet red bean filling inside with walnuts; but here in our Toronto downtown location we have three different types of walnut cakes. The three different kinds are the Mashed Potato filling with Walnuts Mashed Potato filling with Almonds and Red Bean filling with Walnuts. Our Mashed Potato filling is a unique flavour only found in our store the owner, Mr. Lee, created when opening the bakery in 1992 to cater to the Canadian palate; it is a western twist on a traditional Korean dessert. The filling is created from a mashed potato powder mixed with brown sugar and milk which taste more like chestnuts than mashed potato. Our Red Bean filling is our own secret recipe that takes us about a day and a half to produce. The red beans are hand selected by, prepared and cooked by the owner. The red beans are boiled, mashed (to create a paste form) and sweetened by adding white sugar. The boiling and mashing process is repeated many times to get just the right texture; after the process it is cooled over night and another mashing process is repeated to finalize the process.

Korean Pancakes (Hotteok)

Korean pancakes or Hotteok in Korean are pancakes stuffed with mostly Brown Sugar, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds and Cinnamon or a Red Bean filling. The dough is yeast and cornflour based which pair nicely with the melted sugary filling or sweet red bean filling. Our Korean Pancakes are the first and only to be made fresh daily in Toronto and they are made three times a day. We start at 11:30AM in the morning, 3:00PM in the afternoon and at 5:30PM in the evening (starting times may vary based on stock and weather). Our Korean Pancakes are great for a quick breakfast, snack or dessert; simply reheat them in a microwave, toaster oven or on a frying pan (with a little bit of butter or non-stick pan). When the pancakes were first introduced to our bakery many of our elderly customers spoke of nostalgic memories when seeing them being made in front of their high school on a cart in the chilly winter weather. Fortunately our Korean Pancakes are served ALL year round.

Chun Byung

Chun Byung

Chun Byung is a Japanese Senbei inspired Korean snack that resemble thin waffle-like cookies which have either Sliced Almonds, Peanut bits or Dried Unseasoned Seaweed on the back of them. They are Baked, not fried.  Since we do not add any preservatives in our products we are Unable to Bake them During the Summer months, due to the humidity.



Madeleine is a French inspired pastry the owner has customized by adding Almond Powder to the batter before baking to give it a hint of an almond flavour. Greatly paired with a cup of coffee or tea; kids love them with a glass of milk or juice. Our conveniently packs of three Madeleines are great to put in your bag for a snack or your kids’ lunch boxes.

Sherbets (Red Bean, Fruit and Rice Cake)

Red Bean Sherbet Fruit Sherbet Rice Cake Sherbet

Sherbets are Cold Desserts we serve all year round (Rice Cake is served Only in the Summer). We currently have three different types of sherbets: the Red Bean Sherbet, Fruit Sherbet and our new Rice Cake Sherbet. The Red Bean Sherbet  is Shaved Ice, then a Layer of Sweet Milk (can be substituted with fruit juice), a generous serving of Red Bean Syrup (we make ourselves), Fruit Cocktail, a Maraschino Cherry and Healthy Rice Powder is gently dusted on top. The Fruit Sherbet  is Shaved Ice, then a Layer of Sweet Milk, a Layer of Strawberry Syrup (we make ourselves as well) is poured over the ice, another Layer of Strawberry Syrup is coated on the Chunks of Fruits (Pineapples, Strawberries,Blueberries and Peaches) which are then placed on top of the ice and a Final Drizzle of the Strawberry Syrup to finish. Our newest product is the Rice Cake Sherbet which is Shaved Ice, then a Layer of Sweet Milk (can be substituted with fruit juice), a generous serving of Red Bean Syrup, Rice Cake (our own home-made, no preservatives) and Healthy Rice Powder is gently dusted on top.



13 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi There!

    I have recently been introduced to the walnut cakes by a Korean coworker of mine. I personally am Italian, so this was a new taste/flavor for me.

    I must say, your walnut cakes are absolutely AMAZING!! I could easily eat a couple dozen to my face!

    I just wanted to take a minute to applaud the wonderful work you guys do and let you know that your treats are to die for!!

    With love,


    • hodokwaja says:

      Thank you very much Jennifer for your kind thoughts and words! We really do appreciate you taking your time to write this post!
      Staff of Hodo Kwaja

  2. Paul says:

    I had some of these walnut cakes in China, they were delicious. I would like to try at home to make. Could you let me know the imgredients please.

    • hodokwaja says:

      Hi Paul,
      The ingredients for our walnut cake batter is wheat flour,sugar, milk, margarine, corn syrup, baking powder, potato starch and salt. The red bean filling is red beans, water, white sugar and salt , the mashed potato filling is mashed potato powder, brown sugar, milk and salt.
      Hope this helps! Good luck with trying to make em!

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  5. Carlos azevedo says:

    Good…..thing…..I ……don’t ……live….near…..this……place, because I would be there everyday!

  6. Annie says:

    I was looking for a Japchae Hoddeok everywhere! Would be amazing if you guys sold it 🙂 Love your food!

  7. Kristyna says:

    I got all three of the walnut cakes and they are all to die for. Keep in mind I hate beans but I loved the red bean hodo kwaja so that really says something.

    PS you should try the chun byung with the almonds (so yummy)

  8. Austin says:

    I’m the same way Kristyna, can’t stand beans, but red bean past or filling is a whole different story. Totally ordered 30 on a Friday thinking I was going to work the next day to share with co-workers… ohwell thats 30 for me!

  9. Frances says:

    I used to live in Toronto.My dad brought me here the first time.I love the walnut cakes,love them warm too.Glad to know this store still exists.

  10. Sofika says:

    Dear Hodo Kwaja Bakery,

    I’ve been enjoying your walnut cakes my whole life since my mother discovered your store. They have been my favourite treat since childhood 🙂 Please continue the good work! I will continue to support your bakery and recommend it to friends and family.

    Kind regards, Sofika.

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